Demos For Problemos

by Mason Clinic

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released January 1, 2009



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Mason Clinic New Zealand

Alternative pop rock country ballads for sad people

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Track Name: Like An Egg
I cracked just like an egg
Brittle shell
And my brains came out
I'm a loser is what she said
Bullet in my...

What's it gonna take to get
Lost with you
What am I gonna have to do
What do we gotta do
To get through
These blues

I fractured like a bone
Growing pain won't leave me alone
You'll get better
Soon she sung
By the time that comes
She'll be gone

What's it gonna take
To make you see
You're the only one
That means truly anything
But you ain't come back
And these blues ain't through

I was spat on like a cloth
A glimmer of hope
To break the fog
So go on stop me where I stand
Take my calloused hand

It's time
To get it right
She spent how long
Standing in the light
Oh girl
When will you let me get through

Day breeze
Does it right
Jumping so long
When I've got my kite
Oh girl
When will you lift my blues
Track Name: Porcelain Cough
Winter was discreet
But it crept up so quickly
I turned to the heat
Lay under my sheets for weeks
Porcelain cough
Had break from many drop
Wipe my tears up with a cloth
No-one sees me
With the lights off
Fragile I'm told
By my kids who're gettin' old
I don't want them to see their daddy
Filled with sorrow
That just won't go
Please leave me in peace
So I can turn back to the heat
And lay under my tears for years

Whisper in my ear
Let me know that you care
Know that you'll be there
Track Name: Tryna Stay Clean
I'm tryna stay clean
It's hard to kick the habit
Your talking to me
All i'm gettin' is static
Go say what you please
I'm nothing dramatic

While you're sleeping
Thinking of him
I'll be waiting
My lights won't glow dim
(Won't glow dim)

She'll make
All the dead men cry
They cut me down to size
I'll make
All the blind man see
Just what she's doing to me
Before you hit the rocks
And blame it on the scotch

'Cos while you're sleeping
Thinking of him
I'll be waiting
My lights won't glow dim
(Won't glow dim)

She blew me off at 22
Said what am I to do?
I'm caught
In a web of lies
Tryna tell the truth
Before you hesitate
To plan your great escape

'Cos while I'm sleepin'
Thinking of her
She won't be sleeping
But she'll be sleeping with him